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Save Time and Money with Turf

Some people need a manicured lawn without the hassle of weeds and fertilizer. Most people have a real lawn just because it is traditional and perennial grassroots are excellent at gripping soil. Grass tends to support an ecosystem and fertilizes the soil by recycling nutrients through grass clippings. The problems include frequent maintenance and a tendency of weeds to sprout in poor soil.

A faster solution is purchasing synthetic turf and having it installed by a landscaping company. This imitation grass can resemble different species and always offers a uniform appearance that allows water to soak through. It is excellent at coverage and appearance, and quality turf can last for a decade or longer. The main problems are the expense of installation and dealing with possible erosion.

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A good quality artificial sod is quite thick, with just enough porous space between the fibers to allow water to soak through. This is good because it prevents weeds from sprouting through the mats, breaks up rainfall, and forces water to slowly absorb into the soil or cascade if the ground is saturated. This requires extra engineering on a slope but is one way to deal with dry soil especially.

The point of artificial turf is that it completely covers the ground. Sunlight cannot get through, so weed seeds cannot even really hope to sprout, and those that do would struggle to get through the polymer sod material. This turf protects the soil from evaporation, which could be a key feature in a climate or microclimate where the soil is prone to excessive drying. Natural grass does a good job of keeping the soil cool, but turf does this in addition to significantly slowing evaporation. Installing synthetic grass in Orange County, CA is a investment that will save you money.

Imagine having a tree in a site that does not see enough rainfall to feed the species of tree adequately. This is especially a problem with fruit trees that would otherwise grow with a little more moisture in the soil. One option is to run irrigation hoses; another is to use artificial turf as a type of mulch, and it is excellent because it might do a better job than grass.

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Dealing With Erosion Threats

The one disadvantage of artificial turf is that it alters the structure of the soil beneath it. Grass and leaf litter add nutrients to the soil that permit earthworms to live and keep the soil porous. If an area is prone to torrential rain, the soil structure and the lack of gripping roots could cause the turf to crumble or fall away.

The solution is to talk to the engineer or lawn expert dealing with these problems. They might install drainage solutions or use longer stakes to hold the turf. Most synthetic turf needs a little maintenance at the end of the year or every few years. These costs might be cheaper than lawn care, and turf as a mulch might be an excellent combination with a drip hose.

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