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Artificial Grass Installation


We're here to help you choose the best turf product for your residential hardscaping needs - no project is too small!

Pet Turf

Envirofill is the best way to keep your yard fresh and eliminate odors and bacteria. It's perfect for pet turf installations!

Putting Greens

Artificial turf makes for an excellent putting green. Easier to take care of than natural grass, and you will always be ready to play.


Investing in a commercial turf installation can help you save money on upkeep and add a touch of luxury to your property.

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Artificial Turf Benefits

When you choose Original Turf as your artificial turf installers, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits from our top of the line turf products. Below are just a few.

The most realistic
artificial grass
on the market



UV stabilization
formulated within
each blade

10 Year Warranty

Innovative backing for
Quick drainage

Our Construction Process

Most of our artificial turf installation projects can be completed within a day!


Compact Base

Custom Fit Turf

Apply Filler

Base Preparation

Lawn Fabric

Secure Seams

Final Groom


Compact Base

Custom Fit Turf

Apply Filler

Base Preparation

Lawn Fabric

Secure Seams

Final Groom

Best Artificial Turf Company in Garden Grove

At Original Turf Co. , we are a leader in artificial grass installation. We offer top-quality products and seamless installation. Located in Orange County, we’re easy to reach and can breathe real magic into your life and outdoor space. We're proud of our reputation and aim to keep it sterling, so drop us a line at (949) 415-4412

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Additional Hardscaping Services

In addition to artificial turf installation, Original Turf provides a variety of other hardscaping services. We have over 30+ combined years experience in the hardscaping industry so you can rest assured you are in GREAT hands.





Competitive Pricing

We know that trying to find the perfect artificial turf at a decent rate can be exhausting, so to make your life easier, we've planned our pricing system to ensure that you're getting the most competitive prices around. We keep an eye on the market for any spike or decrease in the cost of a product so that we can make changes accordingly and provide you with the best options. Even at our excellent prices, we refuse to make compromises when it comes to quality.

Artificial Turf FAQ

How long will the turf last?

Many people choose artificial grass for their lawns because it is low-maintenance and long-lasting. On average, artificial grass can last 10 to 15 years, but some high-quality options may last up to 20 years.

How much maintenance does artificial grass need?

Our highly skilled turf installation technicians take care of all the work for you. The highly innovative backing mechanism allows for quick water drainage, and we use nearly double the amount of infill compared to our competitors. That way, you won’t have to replace the infill or fluff up the grass as often.

As for installation, we nail down the seams at every inch instead of using tape, which you’d need to replace frequently. You also won’t have to worry about weeds, as we use heavy lawn fabric to stop them from growing through the turf in the first place.

Will sun exposure fade the turf's color?

Summer sun can be harsh on your lawn, causing it to fade and lose its lush green color. However, artificial grass is formulated with UV light stabilizers and inhibitors that help keep the grass looking as green as the day you bought it.

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